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Customs Brokers and Lawyers


We specialize in providing a practical solution to your needs Foreign Trade, Legal and Taxation, providing added value to its company optimizing profitability, time and processes, in order to generate greater opportunities for growing your business.

This is achieved with the design and implementation of the best strategies and procedures for the supply of goods of your company, as well as proper planning, execution and prevention of tax and legal issues in order to obtain an efficient and effective operational and financial management .

With our Miami warehouse services provide our customers with all the facilities and logistical coordination for their imports and exports to and from the United States and the world.

Professional services ....

  • Customs clearance of merchandise and passive revision control, under license customs.
  • Projects Analysis and Planning of Import and Export.
  • Preparation, processing and verification of documents.
  • Management of Import-Export Procedures.
  • Operations Coordination and monitoring of Foreign Trade and International Negotiations.
  • Legal efforts to Customs, SRI, Superintendence of Companies, Tax Court District.
  • Advice on processes to departments of Import-Export to local and multinational companies.
  • Inhouse Services for Import-Export departments.
  • Service of tariff classification and valuation of goods for import and export.
  • Legal advice to processes and special circumstances.
  • Legal tax planning and prevention.
  • Tax Claims for overpayments or improper payments to the relevant authorities.
  • Legalization for foreign enterprises and individuals
  • representation, coordination and collection of International Business.

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